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Italian Artists » Antonio Gravina

Antonio was born in Naples in 1934 and studied at the Art Institute in that city. He started painting when he was only 15 years old, and since then has continually sought to be the best with remarkable results. The setting, the chromatic range, makes his work a valuable item to collectors the world over.

His subjects are hugely varied. Who would not be drawn to admire his seascapes? Quiet bays bathed in sunlight, the fishermen carefully mending their nets, the transparent emerald sea reflecting the clear sky; or his paintings of stormy seas, portrayed with vivid, essential, sharp brush strokes, those heavy grey skies warning of an imminent storm. Unforgettable too, his restful spring time parks, his characteristically colourful Parisian bistro customers, his sunny cottage scenes with their softness and warmth.

All his paintings bring to mind the masterpieces of the great 18th century artists, and yet his work is very much of the 21st century. He has had 48 exhibitions, too numerous to detail. They have taken place in Rome, Naples, Frankfurt, Sydney and Vancouver.

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Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice

Oil on canvas 50x70cm, signed and framed. All in good order.